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Welcome to Nepal

Hello, I am volunteering program co-ordinator of many organization. I want to learn more idea from you and also share you. I keen interest to design volunteering program for international volunteers throughout in Nepal. I want to change the social structure through social movement. I have designed three process and want to share your good idea. Everybody welcome to share own idea and our idea.
1. Positive Mission.
2. Green Mission
3. Stone Mission
I and We have welcome in our community(home) with its warm and friendly atmosphere for many international volunteers from different countries.
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Mobile: 00977-9851088020

1. My Personal Details:

Name : Bishnu Prasad Poudel
Date of birth : August 4, 1970
Nationality : Nepali
Marital Status : Married
Sex : Male
Child : Two children(daughter and son)
Father Name : Kul Prasad Poudel
Permanent Address : Meghauli-8, Chitwan
Contact Address : Future Nepal, Kathmandu
Mobile Nos. 9851088020,

  • Teaching Experience:
    a. Kathmandu Computer consultancy, Thamel (6 year)
    b. Adarsha Yog-Hari Secondary School, Lainchour, (4 year)
    c. Nice Computer Center, Thamel (1 year)
    d. Nepal computer center, Bhotahity (6 month)
    e. Peace Zone Int. (Boarding) school, Lazimpat (1 year)
    f. Ananda Bhumi Secondary School, Maitidevi (3 month)

  • 4. Marketing Experience:
    a. Inside Nepal publication (All Nepal, 5 years)
    b. Future Nepal production (All Nepal, 6 years)
    c. Computer Software (All Nepal, specially color lab designing Training software)
    d. Rojgar (JOB) Book (6 years)
    e. Cultural Program in different 2/3/4/5 star hotels and different restaurant.
    f. Remittance (Manakamana Money Express), 10 month, travel 70 district of Nepal , As a marketing Manager
    g. Remittance at Surya Remit (Super Agent:- Western Union Network,(Ireland), USA), As a marketing Manager from 2 years

  • Working Experience in Social organization
    a. Future Nepal (President from 6 year)
    b. Narayani Sports Club (President from 3 year)
    c. Nepal National Art & Cultural preserving forum (secretary 2year)
    d. Chitwan Environmental Council (Treasury, 2 year)
    e. Kathmandu Dance & Cultural Center (President, 3 year)
    f. Samaj Uthan Kendra, Chitwan, (Vice president)
    g. Inside Nepal Friendship Organization. (Vice president 6 year)
    h. Tourism Concern Society (Chief-Secretory)
    i. Voluneer to Learn (Co-president)

  • Festivals Experience:
    a. Organize More than 5 Festivals (Designer of different festival)
    b. World tourism Day Festival Kathmandu, Basantapur (2057)
    c. Meghauli Tourism festival, Chitwan (2057, 2060, 2062)
    d. Bikram Baba Religious & Tourism Festival (2057)
    e. National Cycling competition, 2062

  • Press Conference and Paper Presentation:
    a. Meghauli & Tourism 2057, Chitwan
    b. Nepali Cultural Dance & Tourism, 2058
    c. Affect of plastic in society, 2059
    d. Rapti/Narayani Sea Beach development, 2060
    e. Sports Tourism, 2062
    f. Stone project, 2064
    g. Remittance 2065, Western Union Money Transfer, Manakamana Money Express, Kathmandu

h. Stone Festival 2067

6. Publication Books
a. Computer Training Books (Author)
b. Inside Nepal Tourism Magazine (Editor, Author, Publisher)
c. Job (Rojgar) (Author)
d. Travel of success live (author)
e. The Wildlife Magazine (Co-Editor)
f. Success Road (Author)
g. Stone Revolution in Nepal (in press)

  • Our projects are :
    Internship Program:
    Future Nepal organizes the internship program to international students in, English teaching, Environment, Income generating training, Education, Tourism activity, Cultural Exchange, Community development and International Volunteer Village. Future Nepal can offer internship in any areas related to Nepal in collaboration with our local partners who work in the different areas. Under the internship program, the intern engages in the daily activities of project. In most of the cases, interns develop a report paper in a particular area of interest by working closely with the project staffs. Generally, the director of the project serves as a supervisor for the intern.

Project Developer & Manager:
We need volunteers with management experience and good experience in development projects. Please feel free to contact us for more details at or visit URL: or

English Language Teacher:
We are looking for Volunteers who can teach English to children in government schools clubs or any other groups. The children range in age from 8 to 17 years of age and other may be any. The teaching curriculum for each major subject is based on the students' standard book. Volunteers are also encouraged to create their own lesson plans. Depending on the subject, volunteers can bring along teaching materials such as picture books, instruments, flash cards, art supplies, and songs. Volunteer travels most part of the Nepal with our staff. Mainly we take class most part of the Nepal. Our program runs 1 week to 6 months. If you have a good english in vocal means, it is nice for us. English Language Program length 2 to 10 months. Meghauli Resource Center was created to provide a library & reading materials and English language programs to members of the local groups. At the center, multiple three-month English classes are offered to local youth and adults. The language classes range from beginner to advanced, Foreign English teachers to improve their conversational English. Volunteers will stay with a Nepali family in Meghauli during their placement.

Home stay / Cultural Exchange
Home stays and cultural exchange programs can be arranged in most touristy and remote areas of Nepal. Participants will be placed with a Nepali family in a small rural village. This provides the volunteers with an excellent opportunity to learn about all aspects of Nepali culture, lifestyle, language, food and people. Volunteers should remember that this is a cultural exchange and that an effort to offer some knowledge of their own home culture and customs to the family with whom they stay is expected. Participants in the program will not go through training in Nepal with the other volunteers. During their home-stay, volunteers will attend 2 hours of language lessons in the morning and in the afternoon. They will also have the opportunity to visit different interested areas.

Environmental Awareness:
After completing different training of first week, volunteers will be placed with a Nepali family in one of the the program village. The host family will live normally one or half hour from the school/Environmental Post. Volunteers will teach environmental awareness at the local school club or door to door of Nepali village each day, Sunday through Friday. Environmental awareness projects will be based-upon their areas of expertise and the needs of the village community. Example projects include: creating "green" clubs, planting a flower garden, planting trees, garbage management, recycling programs, Jute and paper bag training and more awareness program, etc. Volunteers may also provide own their ideas, skills and knowledge about environmental issues.

Community Health Post Volunteer
This Program places volunteers in health posts, sub health posts and health clinics. You work in either an urban or rural setting, providing primary care to locals in your specialty. Moreover, if you have doubts about whether your skills and talents are really needed in this part of the world, consider this: The doctor-patient ratio in Nepal is about 1 to 36,000. Particularly in rural areas, where much of the local people live, there is a desperate, chronic shortage of medical personnel and supplies. Medical school students' activities will include things like following doctors on their rounds, exploring different treatments for simple ailments, providing physical therapy, and participating in vaccination programs. Of all of our programs, we are perhaps most proud of the Medical Volunteer Program and the invaluable contributions of independent-minded professionals like you. You will help to relieve the suffering of others, playing a critical role in the villages and towns where you'll serve. Please feel free to contact us for more

Tourism Activity
Nepal is a small country, but rich in cultural diversity: Nepal has over 60 different ethnic groups and 70 different languages. So Nepal has more festival. We are specially organized tourism festival. To celebrating different festival in different occasion we are invited more actors from different parts of country. We are exchanging cultural program one to another group. Every countries cultural group can contact with our organization and participant any program. Sometime we participants other groups programs also. On this program we are promoting this target village and product. We have a more program to advertise for foreign guest like Mountaineering, Trekking, Jungle safari, Rafting, Mountain bike etc.

International Tourist Volunteer Village, Nepal
It is the type of Project or village organization of Future Nepal Social Organization We are opening a new project to volunteer. This project is for only International volunteers. On this Project volunteers build a new volunteer village destination. In this village Volunteers create ideas and apply them. We want to introduce this village around the world built by volunteers. For this village volunteers build cottage, houses, Children park, Garden, Research center, Education Center, Income Training Center, Health care Center, Tower, Beach in river, Sport ground etc.

Sports Project
Wherever you travel in the world everyone enjoys sports. Why? Well, not only do sports create happy and healthy children but they also bring people together and help to build strong communities. Sports provide a platform for young talent from disadvantaged backgrounds and create a path full of possibilities for their development.Sports' coaching has a real positive impact on children. There is the physical and mental benefit that regular exercise provides. There is the fun and the promise. There are also the life skills like communication, team work, confidence, inclusion, and discipline to be gained by players and volunteer coaches alike.Whatever placement you decide is right for you, beach ball, beach cricket in chitwan and volleyball in school we can help you make the best of your time. You could be learning more about your sport in the morning and organizing a game in the afternoon, if you wish. Through well established relationships with local teams and clubs and carefully structured sports programs we are able to assist volunteers regardless of coaching experience.We can find the right sports project for you - just let us know what interests you!

One Stone Project (Stone Revolution)
We are opening a new project for volunteers. This project is for all International volunteers including Nepali volunteers. For this Project volunteers works with village people
In this village Volunteers create ideas and apply them. We want to introduce villages around the world built by volunteers. For this stone project volunteers help build green park , Green road, playgrounds, Gardens, Research centers, Education Center, Income Training Center, Health care Center, Tower, Beach in the river, Sports fields etc. In this project any support group, volunteers think and minimum collect one kg. stone or Rs. 1 perday each persone on this project to build and success the project. This type of program can be done any part of the nation. First we make stone committee then program. Program may be one week to extend one year. If we go 1 month to 1 year program called stone revolution. If you go 1 day to 1 month called stone festival.

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